The arts are a vibrant part of life at Moyles; a school that recognises the importance of creativity and the need for children to be encouraged to experiment and explore. 


Our impressive artwork and photography can be seen on display throughout the school.  Our pupils are encouraged to be independent thinkers producing some incredibly creative compositions. With such motivational and driven teachers, it is not surprising that year on year we win prizes at the ISA Regional and national Art Competition.  Art Scholarships are available.


From enthusiastic beginners to accomplished musicians, our pupils are encouraged to discover music that suits their tastes and develops their abilities. The lively and dynamic Music Department encourages and inspires children to participate fully both in class Music lessons and the opportunities that are offered beyond the classroom. 

We have a long-standing tradition of enabling pupils to learn an instrument and have an excellent team of visiting part-time staff, who offer tuition in singing and a wide range of instruments, including Piano/Keyboard, Violin, Woodwind, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Brass and Drums. 

There are a variety of clubs and activities that allow our children to practise and perform together. 

A varied programme of informal and formal concerts take place throughout the year, giving your child the chance to perform at anything from the Carol Service to Speech Day or in assembly. 

Music Scholarships are available.


Drama is for all at Moyles and it is through this medium that many children learn to communicate and express themselves. Many are confident to take centre stage, whilst others find their skills lie at working behind the scenes designing and creating scenery or learning the ropes for the amazing light and sound needed at our major performances. 

A whole school production is a major feature of the school calendar, with recent productions including The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast and Annie.  

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations have been a consistently successful enrichment activity at Moyles for many years.   LAMDA is the UK’s largest Speech and Drama board and a nationally recognised qualification in communication and performance. LAMDA examinations are designed to improve standards in communication through spoken word and to support the creative, intellectual and social development of the individual as a whole.   LAMDA examinations are about achievement and provide an opportunity to develop important life-skills, such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly.