“For students whose first language is not English,
additional ESOL teaching is offered, to quickly

bring your child to a level where they can benefit
from mainstream teaching and participate with confidence.”.

We combine our tailored English-language (ESOL) programmes with the breadth and depth of learning for which British schools are famed. Students leave Moyles Court fully prepared for their life ahead, whether it be a place at a British Sixth Form or further study in their home country.  Our students have gone onto study Sixth Form programmed at Canford, Gordonstoun, Charterhouse, Hereford Cathedral School, St Michaels School Wales and Cardiff Sixth Form, for example.

We welcome pupils from all over the world such as China, Thailand, Korea, Spain, Guinea, Germany, Italy, Albania and the Ukraine. Our small, family nurturing environment enables our international community to fully integrate with our British boarders and so they can easily make firm friendships and improve their fluency in spoken English over a short time.

Our dedicated and experienced staff help to bring out the best in each student, who work in small groups and encourage confidence and competence, to enable them to perform to their highest ability and enjoy a positive overall experience.  We work very closely with the English department to support students in their English literature work.

Particular attention is paid to improving pronunciation, fluency and clarity of speech as well as broadening vocabulary to help the student learn in all subject studies.

They are prepared for external exams and sit the internationally recognised Cambridge English examinations.