“Small class sizes, individualised learning,
great teaching, extensive after-school
provision and excellent pastoral care
provides your children with the best
possible start in life.

No one is too young to meet Headteacher Richard Milner Smith, for he will get down to your level from day one. This attitude is instilled in and embraced by every staff member, so you can be assured that your child is given the time they deserve. Our individuality philosophy starts here and we mold around a child’s personality, with the result being that the shy and the bold will start to blend as a little community and these friendships often become one’s for life, at Moyles and beyond.

Time, space and enjoyment are all key aspects in a child’s learning and development. Our environment is set in the beautiful New Forest National Park with our Early Years children having free flow to their own large garden. Here the children can play games, climb, explore and so much more!


The warm and welcoming environment of our Pre-School at Moyles Court, provides a perfect introduction to and full preparation for life in Junior School.  Our dedicated area is packed full of things to do to keep lively minds and bodies fully occupied and includes a safe and secluded garden and play area, part of which is covered to provide shelter so they can enjoy fresh air and playing outside whatever the weather!

A love of learning is so important to us at Moyles Court School and we are open from 8.30am until 5pm for 38 weeks of the year. The foundations for education begin in our Pre-School where children are given the opportunity to engage in so many wonderful opportunities that will fascinate them and take their learning on the most exciting adventures.

You are welcome to come and have a taster visit to get a feel for what we have to offer your child and how much they will enjoy being in our wonderful Moyles Court Pre-School.

Moyles Court school is open to everyone – we accept Early Years funding from 2.5 years – 4  years, childcare vouchers and payments from tax-free childcare accounts.


As pupils advance into Reception class, learning becomes more teacher-led as we begin preparing them for life in Year One and beyond.  We are committed to delivering a fun and educational curriculum which combines reading and writing with exciting topic work that incorporates our pupils’ own interests.  Our small classes ensure that children are fully supported in their learning.  This in turn enables them to flourish in all areas of the curriculum and instills in them a lifelong love of learning which will stay with them as they progress on their academic journey.

We also run curriculum enhancement sessions where Pre-School and Reception children join together for lessons in French, P.E., Music, Dance and Cookery.  We have termly educational visits to extend the curriculum further, including Liberty Owl and Zoolab, as well as from the Emergency Services.

Join our little community, our arms are open.

For more information regarding sessions and Pre-School fees, please click on the below links:

Pre-School 2024-2025 Fees

Your child could be eligible for up to 30 free hours per week for our Pre-School and Reception.

We accept Early Years funding from 2.5 years – 4  years, childcare vouchers and payments from tax-free childcare accounts.