The excellent teaching and individualised learning environment enables all pupils to make huge academic progress and helps our pupils achieve the best possible results. We are always very proud of our pupils’ GCSE results. It shows their excellent performance and the significant ‘value added’ that has been achieved. However, we also recognise that numbers are never able to tell the whole story and behind these figures there are often tales of outstanding individual perseverance and resilience.

This year we celebrate another year of wonderful achievement with another outstanding set of GCSE results and once again our results, sit way above the national average and we are justifiable proud of all of our pupils.

Mr Milner-Smith, Headmaster says: “Exam results will always only tell a fraction of the story and behind every set of results is a young person who has their own story to tell. Let us also not forget that a good education is not just about examination results. Our pupils have grown and developed as individuals during their time with us, developing skills and attributes that will set them up for a very positive future ahead of them.”

The school has also been recently recognised by the ISA (independent Schools Association) for ‘Excellence in the Arts’ following consistently high results in Art, Design and Technology, Textiles and Photography.

The table below shows a summary of our results over the last six years. For a non-academically selective school we are very proud of our results, which sit significantly higher than the national average and our pupils consistently make greater progress than they would otherwise be expected to make. 2020 and 2021 were the COVID years, when grades were based on Teacher assessments.