Our school is the perfect size to retain the individualised learning, personal care and attention that we’re known for. We have the structure and the stability in-house to really get to know our children and no one gets left behind. We’re able to get the very best out of children, often finding hidden talents and abilities which may otherwise have been left undiscovered.

To us, this is critical and part of the responsibility we have for each and every child. Our system, our way of thinking and our environment have stimulated children to perform better than expected while those already classed as fast progressors are encouraged to accelerate. The overall result is that every child is happy with their personal rate of progress while recognising and enjoying others’ successes too.

It is a formula that has worked very well for us and while we have grown from a very small school, we are still small enough to not lose our original values and way of working which has made us a successful school to date. We are proud of the very accomplished academic results we have achieved over the past few years.


“Moyles Court has been a fantastic, nurturing environment in which our daughter has grown and rediscovered her confidence and enthusiasm for learning, which sadly had been well and truly knocked by her previous school. She is so grateful for all the help and support you have given her over the years, as are we”  Moyles Court parent.